Human Conversations

When I am bored enough, I listen to the conversations of my humans. This was today’s gem:

My human sets her coffee cup down and looks at my other human, “We never talk anymore.”

“Oh, that’s easy…”

She holds up her hand, “And not about soccer.”

“I’m drawing a blank then.”

“It’s gotten so bad, I’m starting to talk to the kids.”

He looks around the room, “These are all ours?”

“Yes, what did you think? They were buy one get four free?”

“I thought one of them was having a slumber party.”

“I’ll make you a deal: I’ll keep cooking your dinner if you can converse with me during it.”

“Fine. I will be happy to converse during any meal that isn’t served blackened.”

“So, Chelsea wants to buy back Eden Hazard, huh?”

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