What Goes Around…

I trot into the living room and see Salem watching television. “Oh my God, did you just watch Garfield 2 without me?”

“You were napping forever, and I wanted to see it. What’s the big deal? You can watch it now.”

“What’s the big deal? We watched the first one together and we agreed to watch the next one together. Now, you know what happens before I do. It’s just like you to be so inconsiderate!”

“You didn’t miss much. Garfield lives in a castle, big deal.”

“AACCKKK!” I cover my ears with my paws. “I can’t believe you just said that!”

“You’re being ridiculous.” He waves me off with his paw. “Watch your stupid movie.”

“I will, you insensitive dog licker!”

“Hairball breath!”

Salem starts to walk away and glances back, spying the empty Friskies bag beside me, “Hey, is that the new Chicken flavored Friskies we were going to try?”

“Um….” I look away.

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