My Diary

Salem walks in while I’m writing in my journal and asks, “Is that your diary?”

“Yes, why?”

“It looks like a menu.” He takes a paw and points at an entry, “Tuesday: Kibble, Wednesday:Kibble, Thursday:Kibble, Kibble.”

“And your point?” I ask, blinking.

“Ok,” he scratches his head, “but why two Kibbles on Thursday?”

“Oh, that was the day I started my diet.”

“So then, why two?”

“I thought about eating the extra lean Kibble first, but then I decided not to. Instead, I rewarded myself with double Kibble for considering such a healthy choice in the first place.” I beam with pride, “Diet success depends on a good reward system. You wouldn’t understand.”

18 thoughts on “My Diary

      1. Just keep them coming please! (Oh, and maybe think about putting a “follow by email” link on your front page. I’m sure there will be loads of people who will be signing on!)

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      2. It’s super easy to add widgets. Just click on the little WP logo “My Sites” in the top left ribbon at the top of your website. In the black sidebar that comes up, click on “Appearance” and then on “Widgets”. That will bring up a lot of things you can add to your blog, and (depending on which template you’re using) offer a choice on where you want the widget to appear (ie Sidebar Widget Area, Upper Footer, etc.) You can customize the invitation to tell people you’d like to send email notification of new blog posts. I rarely look at the reader. There are way too many blogs that have followed me or that I’ve followed. Instead, I sign up for email notifications from the ones I want to make sure I don’t miss. It’s a really nice touch that tells people you want to stay in touch. Good luck!

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