This Will Not Be Tolerated

I look down at my bowl and then at Salem, “Our dinner is late again. We have to do something about this. Now.”

“You’re right. You go scratch up her sofa and I’ll stand by and bore holes through her with my eyes.”

“Why do I have to do the hard part? She might get mad.”

“Because I have delicate features. I could never survive on the outside.”

I look at him, “Outside? You think she might ban us to the outside?”


“There are spiders outside,” I glance tentatively out the window.

“Okay. I say we let this one slide, but I have my eyes ready. Next time my dinner is late, she gets my ‘This Kibble is lukewarm and late and about to be flying across the room’ stare.”

I nod in agreement and hurriedly eat my Kibble before a spider appears in the window.

21 thoughts on “This Will Not Be Tolerated

  1. You poor things. Are you sure the dinner was late? I ask, because my dad kept trying to get my mom to serve dinner earlier all the time, but she was watching the clock. He was probably listening to his stomach.

    You two look a lot alike in that photo. Is it easy to tell you apart in person? Are you the one on the left??


    1. Well, I’m not sure, my tummy sure said it was late. I’m the handsome one on the right. Maybe it’s the lighting, but I’m more of a redhead so you can tell it’s me pretty easily in person.


      1. Ohhhh! I love redheads! My dad had red hair, and I always wanted it. I got dull brown. That’s OK though, because I’m all gray now. Yes, you are handsome. I’m going to study the photo again and hope to be able to recognize you next time.

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  2. We feel your pain. Because Mom works overnight, we have an erratic breakfast schedule. We tried to convince her that we were starving to death, but she didn’t believe us. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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