Tea Party

I walk into the little human’s bedroom and I see Salem sitting at a tiny table with our little human and three stuffed animals. He was just sitting there, like a duffus, with this teeny tiny cup and saucer in front of him. The little human kept talking to the stuffed animals like they were real and Salem just sat there going along with it. What an idiot.

It was humiliating. At one point, Mr. Snuggles got a second cup of tea because he was so well mannered, and Salem had to sit next to Betsy Wets A Lot because he wasn’t well mannered. It got a little scary when she gave Betsy a third cup of tea.

I would have felt sorry for him, but I was laughing too hard. How embarrassing. He couldn’t have looked more stupid. I swear, if she puts a hat on him, I’m disowning him as a brother. The guests may have been imaginary, but the humiliation was real.

I sure hope I get invited next time.

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