Mother’s Day

Salem walks up to me and asks, “Why is our human so mad at Teenager today?”

“Because it’s Mother’s Day.”


“So she accidentally gave her a card that said Grandma.”

30 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

    1. Oh, she’s not going to be a Grandma! She just had a tiny heart attack when seeing the word Grandma on the card. It was an accident. It’s funny now, but maybe she didn’t think it was so funny.


      1. Oh yes, she’s alive. I think I would die more if there were a baby around pulling my hair and sitting on me!! Once, when our little humans were even smaller, one of them cut my cousins whiskers off and put makeup on him! I thought it was funny but he was a tad upset.


      2. Makeup! Too funny. You can’t make that up.

        My daughters put clothes on Thor, our cat. He bore it with good grace and didn’t scratch them. I’m sure it’s because he loved them. The girls got a scolding.


      3. Ha!! Yeah, my cousin was embarrassed but the humans thought it was funny. I guess us felines don’t like makeovers like humans do. Poor Thor, he sounds like he took his job babysitting the humans well.


      4. Thor was a member of our household before daughter Lise was born. He was gracious about sharing the house with her. He often slept in her crib, and I saw nothing wrong with that. She grew up without allergies and was always very healthy.

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