Cat Conversations

I hear a low, guttural sound coming from the other room when my little brother Salem walks in.

“Were you just throwing up?” I ask.

“Oh yeah. Luckily, I made it to the sofa just in time.”

“Nice,” I nod. “Our human tried to get me to yak into the sink once. It was weird.”

“Ew. I sleep in there.”

17 thoughts on “Cat Conversations

      1. If you threw up on the sofa, you’d probably not want to scratch it.

        Dog Sadie threw up in the kitchen just as we were going to eat breakfast this morning. Son $ and Rose raced to clean it all up. I wish Sadie could write like you do and tell us when she is going to barf.

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  1. OMG! This is so true. I have been putting a small throw on the end of the bed because Mollie occasionally yaks up there. Dang if this week she had to yak and moved over so she got the blanket, top sheet, fitted sheet and the mattress protector. What a cat! Two major loads of laundry!

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