The Christmas Gift

Oh, how I have been racking my brain for the perfect gift for my human. No mere piece of string or half-eaten spider will do. I need something spectacular. Something that will insure my goodwill would not go unrewarded.

First, I start out with simple good deeds for her to observe: I bypass the pretty and enticing red flowers on the countertop, making sure she takes notice that I do not chew on them this time. Then, I carefully lick the floor clean of all my Meow Mix before exiting dinnertime, and for the piece de resistance, when she walks into her bedroom, I move my tail ever so much so that she, too, can sit on the bed. But my actions go unnoticed. Undetected. My sacrifices ignored.

There is no doubt about it. A grand gesture will be required. An offering to top all offerings. My mind quickly begins inventorying all of my feline possessions: 1 pouch of catnip safely hidden under my bed, 4 shiny marbles, 3 chewed milk rings, 2 pieces of string, and one very well loved Meow Mix mouse.

There really is only one choice. Oh, how she is going to love on me Christmas morning. As the magnificence of my gift settles on my mind, I almost can’t believe my own generosity. Ah, this will be a Christmas she will never forget.

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