Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I got myself into a bit of a pickle yesterday. You see, my human had her closet open and I could swear I saw a spider in the corner, so I had to go in and check it out. My human doesn’t like spiders and I’ve sworn to protect my home from them.

Well, I got trapped in there for the better part of the day, and, well, I had to go to the litter box really bad, you see….

My human, not even noticing that the spider was gone, mind you, is a little peeved at me.

I was wondering if you could get her a bottle of that red stuff that makes her smile. Heck, give her a few of them, she was pretty mad.

Your friend,


P.S. Feel free to toss in a few extra tuna treats for me, too. That was a pretty mean spider.

20 thoughts on “Dear Santa

      1. Tuna and catnip…those are our favorites, and if Santa would take the little dog with him, that would be good too. She’s a pain.

        Hiro, Minh, Lily, and Gilda

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