The Kitty Cabana

Now that the weather is colder, I’ve decided that maybe it’s time I start sleeping in my human’s bed at night. You know, to grace her with my presence and coincidentally take in some of her heat. The only problem is that my brother and sister have the same idea.

Now on to the important news, Christmas is coming. And that means presents for good little kitties. Lucky for my human, I know just what I want. I want the Catit Vesper Cabana seen on page 49 in the new issue of Catster magazine. Page 49 Santa. (just in case he’s reading this). It has a soft and fluffly hammock on top that is just right for naps and a space below for other cats and such, but that top bunk is for me. Oh, it looks amazing, wonderful, down right fantastic. Just what I need to relax in after a long hard day of chasing fake mice.

When opportunity arrives, I take full advantage of it. My human walks in and I just happen to be here, sitting right on top of our copy of Catster. She approaches and starts to pet my head. I move my butt to reveal page 49 in all its glory. She doesn’t look down. Uh, oh. I nudge her hand with my head and lean down so that her hand is now on the page.

Biscuits! She moves her hand back to my head and continues petting me. A new tactic is necessary. I reach out my front paws and stretch with all my might. What’s this? My paws just happen to land on the Cabana on page 49. Huh. I glance up at my human to see if she notices. I send out my brain waves…look, look at the cabana…

She’s looking! She’s pulling the magazine out from under my paws. She’s picking it up!! I can’t contain my excitement. I’m a genius. A sheer genius. My plotting and planning is working like a charm. She is putty in my paws.

What? What is she doing? What’s happeneing? She closes the magazine and sets it aside. Ack! Foiled again by her incessant tidiness. She sets my magazine in a neat pile of mail on the counter. This is going to be harder than I thought. I will have to give it some more thought.

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