Ode To Turkey Scraps

Thanksgiving is near. Thanksgiving is one of the grandest holidays of them all. We felines are finally able to bond with our humans over a common love: the eating of a bird.

Oh sure, they scoff and scold and sh00 me away when I dare to chase a bird, real or imitation, but on this glorious day of all days, they can not. Why they would be hypocrites if they tried. Also, on this fine day, we felines are allowed to partake in the festivities. Why small bits of turkey are elegantly arranged in our dishes to eat and enjoy alongside our humans.

And enjoy it we do. The taste is savored as it glides down my throat. There, taking its sweet time digesting in my gastrointestinal tract, a warmness comes over me and its delicious memory lingers until I slowly loose consciousness and fall into the most gratifying nap of the year.

Ah, Thanksgiving. ‘Tis the actual day I’m thankful for, and I hope that’s okay.

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