Seasonal Saint Suki

We had our first huge snowfall this week. This means 3 things:

  1. I can’t sit in the window sil anymore (too cold for my tushy)
  2. Christmas is coming and
  3. It marks the day I start to be uncharacteristically well behaved, per the prerequisite of #2

Christmas is a magical and glorious time when a large and hairy human called Santa Claws breaks into our home and bestows upon us a deluge of new ribbons and boxes to play with. It means a veritable treasure trove of new things to smell, lick and scratch. It also means, that if I’m good, I might get a stocking filled with feather laden toys and scrumptious tuna treats.

So, in essence, I did not eat that cornbread muffin my human left out on the counter last night. I also did not accidentally pee over the side of the litter box and onto the floor yesterday. And I most certainly did not eat my brother’s tuna treats while he was napping.

For every cat and kitten knows that when it comes to this Santa Claws business, reputation is everything. Woe is the kitten who misbehaves this time of year and risks the big guy not bringing him goodies and toys. Why a stocking filled with tuna treats and fake mice is nothing short of the big guy’s affirmation that I’m practically near sainthood. And Saint Suki does have a nice ring to it.

11 thoughts on “Seasonal Saint Suki

  1. I love what you wrote, Suki. It was fun and lighthearted, and you didn’t get a Salem in trouble. I admire your saintly behavior. I hate to break it to you, but you have to be dead to be canonized. That nice ring to sainthood is the death knell, tolling slowly.

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