Costumes Suck

My day did not start well. I decided to dress up like a squirrel for Halloween. I mistakenly thought that it might impress Shorthair. But that is not how it went down. Salem pointed and laughed at me and Shorthair snickered.

So, I decided to spend some alone time to think and jumped in my favorite window sil.

I’m sitting in the window, gazing at the wilderness that is our backyard, when I spot a Felis catus sitting in the grass.

Matted hair sticks up in places on her back. Her colors can only be described as dingy brown and dirty black. I look closer and I think I see a leaf stuck to her butt. I stare a little more. I can’t help myself. I try to tear my eyes away but it’s like watching a wreck, they keep getting drawn back to her.

She’s not very muscular, either. In fact, she’s a tad pudgy. She’s just sitting there, chewing on her claws. Ew, they have dirt under them. Wait, she sees something. In one awkward and clunky move, she pounces on a fly and eats it. Oh. My. God.

I think I’m in love. #Swoon #She’sTheMostBeautifulCreatureI’veEverSeen #ShorthairWho?

8 thoughts on “Costumes Suck

    1. Well, after seeing the love of my life, I sat for hours waiting to catch her eye so I could wave a paw at her. But, alas, she never looked my way. But I plan to be back, same place, same time, each day until I see her again!


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