Questionable Choices

The life of a cat is really only as exciting as you make it. And Salem and I like to make it exciting. At least fun. Today we decided to go check out “teenager’s” room.

We walk in and it’s a virtual pig sty. In cat world, it’s a treasure trove of things to smell, scratch, and places to hide.

Salem and I immediately start sniffing around. Right off I spot a plate with a small brown lump-like object on it. I point a paw, “I dare you to eat that.”

Salem’s eyebrows raise and a grin spreads across his face. “Challenge accepted.”

He bends down and sniffs it. His face contorts as though he ate a lemon. I can tell it must be something foul, but I know my brother. He has his pride.

He leans over and forces it down in one gulp. My paw flies to my mouth as my breakfast tuna almost makes a reappearance. “I can’t believe you just did that.”

He burps with satisfaction and smiles at me.

Later that day, I stumble across the gruesome trail Salem leaves behind on his way to the litter box.

Maybe we should stick to hide and seek.

11 thoughts on “Questionable Choices

  1. OMG – I remember some of the fossilized remains of food left in my son’s room when he was a teenager! His room was a scary toxic waste dump 😳 Salem may be cute, but he’s definitely not a gourmet!

    The photo is so cute!

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