What Brothers Are Really For

I look at our food dishes and see somthing new and peculiar in them. This may be exciting for other felines, but around here, we know better. The things called “leftovers” are to be avoided at all cost. We’ve discovered that they are usually covered in a thick layer of black or can chip your teeth. Neither of which is appealing.

I take my paw and slowly lift the mysterious food item up and inspect it from every angle. I turn it over, gently handling it with the care of explosives about to go off. You never know.

Then I sniff it from all sides. Huh. It seems okay. I think it is something called “takeout”. But still, I do the responsible thing.


Salem bounds in, “What?”

I point to his dish, “Look, new food.”

He Hoovers it up in two bites. Licking his lips, he smiles and trots off. I wait ten seconds to see if he falls over dead.

Nope. Now, that’s what brothers are for.

7 thoughts on “What Brothers Are Really For

  1. Ha! Theo isn’t the hoover-kind … more of a what-is-this-poison kind of suspicious nature. Unless we’ve ordered sushi … then it’s fight-to-keep-him-off-the-table. Not so easy to do with a 20lb cat!

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