Our human goes into the hall bathroom and closes the door. This always peaks my interest because I can never quite imagine what she does in there. I picture lots of toys and tuna. For a brief period last year, we thought one of the little humans lived in there.

She steps out and calls Sasha and Salem and I to come over. I’m already here but Salem and Sasha come running because they think treats might be involved. She bends down, looks us in the face and smiles real big. “Now who wants to be first? We’re going to have so much fun. We’re going to play the ‘Get Clean’ game.”

Her voice is low and fluttery like it is when she gives us tummy nuzzles. She scoops up Sasha and scratches her head, “Oh, you’re going to have so much fun. Let’s get you in there.”

We watch in envy as they walk into the bathroom and she closes the door. Salem and I stare at the door in wonder, imaging all the treats and fun Sasha is having first. All of a sudden we hear a low guttural meow seep out. It starts out low but gets louder and louder as objects are heard hitting the floor. Our eyes widen and we step back in horror.

Salem paws me, “Hey, I think she might not be telling the truth.”

#ICallDibsOnHidingUnderTheBedSoGoFindYourOwnDamnSpot #IDon’tWantABathBecauseIThinkI’mAllergicToWater #It’sATrickRunForYourLife

11 thoughts on “#YouDon’tThinkTheHumansLieToUsDoYou?

  1. I had a sick cat whose bottom got all poopy. Even though she was sick, she fought like hell but in the end I only had to wash her back end so her face and front paws never got wet. We both lived but we both needed therapy afterward.

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