#She’sTheWorst #WeHateThatKid

I blink hard as a tennis ball sails past my head. I quickly glance around. I see Sasha’s ears sticking up from the back of the box she is cowering behind, then I hear the whoosh of another ball as it whizzes by me and I dart behind the sofa.

I peer around. Jodie. Crap. I hate that kid. Jody is the neighbor kid who comes over from time to time to visit one of our little humans. We hate her.

She often finds sick amusement in pelting us with various objects and watching us scatter.

I scan the room. I see Salem’s tail sticking out from the curtains. He sucks at Hide ‘n Seek. “Psst, Salem.”

“How do you know I’m Salem? I could be some other cat.”

I roll my eyes. “Okay. Hey, cat, behind the curtains.”


“Can you cover me for a minute?” I point a paw at the pink shoes by the front door.

Salem looks at the shoes and grins. “Yeah!” He slowly walks out from behind the curtains and instantly endures a barrage of balls to the head and body. I race to the door and do my deed and run back for cover behind the couch. Salem slinks back as well, his fur sticking up here and there.

Our little human calls Jody to her bedroom and we all flee to our human’s room and hide under her bed. It is there that we feel safe and begin to revel in our deed.

Later we high paw each other and guffaw at the sound of her cursing as she slams the front door. Salem looks at me, “Number 1 or number 2?”

I grin from ear to ear, “Number 3.”

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