I’m bored, so I look around to see what Salem is up to. I spot him in front of the doorway window making googley eyes at the neighborhood alley cat, Cupcake.

Since I’m pretty sure he would be happy to have his girlfriend witness his pudgy, orange-haired older brother come by and lick him on the head right now, I decide to dart right over as fast as I can.

Life is good.

12 thoughts on “#AhToBeASibling

    1. Ooohhh, why thank you ever so much. I never thought of it that way. I am now, henceforth to be called, a pumpkin spice colored bundle of joy! And my human loves loves loves Halloween. It’s perfect! Many thanks.

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      1. Thanks! I was dumped at my people’s house when I was only 4 weeks old. I tried to jump to their window, but they had a window well. A nice repairman got me out, but I really wanted in, so I tried again. This time my Dad got me out and took me in the house. Mom wouldn’t let him take me to the Humane Society. Dad named me after my attempts to get in the house. Purrs, Kommando Kitty.

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      2. Sounds exciting! I’m so glad your human didn’t send you to jail for trying to break in. You were a homeless orphan, what do humans expect you to do? Sounds like your humans are nice to live with though. Glad you found them!

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