Salem was chasing me through the kitchen, and I do hate to admit it, but he was starting to gain on me when he stopped mid-run. I turned to look and he was sitting on the floor, staring at his reflection.

He looks at me and flicks his paw toward the large, silver box. It has knobs across the top and a little glass window in the front. “What’s this?”

I glanced at the big square object that sits prominently in our kitchen, “That’s a coloring box. The human puts food of all different colors inside it and when she takes it out, it’s magically black.”

“Ooohh. Nice.”

While he was admiring the magic box, I slapped the shit out of him with my right paw and ran like hell out of there before he could catch me. #EatMyDustYouIdiot #YeahIBitchSlappedYouBitch #Don’tEatFoodFromTheMagicBoxItSucks

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