The CFA International Cat Show is playing a repeat episode on T.V. and I am going to watch it. I thought Salem should watch it as well. He definitely could stand to learn a thing or two about good manners and breeding.

Just as it starts and a nice Persian is about to go over the hurdles in a graceful sprint, I glance back at Salem and he is licking himself in places I’d rather not mention.

I paw him, “Pay attention.”

He lifts his head, drool dripping from the side of his mouth, “Huh, what?” His head swivels to see what I am talking about. He’s eyes focus for a minute and then a piece of dust floats by and he tries to catch it. We think he has ADD.

I finish watching the program and when I look over at Salem, he is eating a piece of lint. #IWouldAskHimTheTimeButHeMightHurtHimselfAnswering

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