My human has us felines on a regular feeding schedule. We typically eat our lunch at 11 a.m. each day and dinner runs about 5 p.m. Well, let me tell you, my little brother Salem gets a bit upset if his meal is late. And he will let you know about it.

Of course, he can be a bit dramatic. First, he positions himself somewhere directly in front of our human. Then he sits and stares at her with crazy eyes until she either gets the hint and feeds us or is so uncomfortable by the whole ordeal she flees in fear of being eaten herself.

If the crazy eyes don’t get the point across, he moves on to plan B. This is where he nonchalantly goes over to a plant and starts munching on it. His point being: Look at me, I’m so hungry I’m reduced to eating this plant here. Every now and then he looks around to make sure that our human sees this and gets the point. I just stroll past him and say, “Salem, you need to just cut that shit out. You know you ain’t no damn vegetarian.” I shake my head, that boy needs to get a grip. Now, where’s my lunch?

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