#CatsOfTwitter #ItAin’tNoBox #It’sAnotherDamnStickToy

My human brought us a new toy today. All I can say is, it’s the thought that counts. I mean, I’m not going to snub it because what if she never buys us anything again?

Last time, the toy was amazing. It was big and square and brown and once she took some weird looking hoop and ball thing out of it, it was fun. I jumped right in. I was rockin and rollin. This time, not so much. I tried to like it though. It was basically a fake butterfly on a stick. A STICK!! Well, I pawed it once or twice out of politeness, but then my enthusiasm dwindled and I left.

Salem, on the other hand, was mesmerized by it for hours. #SimpleMindedAss He walked up to me later and asked, “Did you see me? I was killing it!”

He looked quite proud of himself, too. He flicked his paw toward it, “Shit, I showed it who was boss. If you want to bat it around later, I can show you how.”

I put my paw up, “I’m good, thanks.”

I just looked at him dumbfounded. Damn, you would’ve thought he just won the Kitten Bowl the way he was bragging. I walked away, shaking my head. It’s a stick you dumbass.

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