Oooooh, I’m warm and I want to sleep some more but I have to pee. Damn it. I’m laying in my sunbeam, drunk with warmth and groggy, but I can’t hold it in any longer. I stagger to the liter box and pee as quickly as I can and walk back to my beam. My eyes widen and I blink a few times, WTF?! I was only gone for a second, a split second I tell you, and that chuckle-head Salem is laying in my spot. His eyes are closed and he is pretending to be asleep.

Damn it, Salem, I know you ain’t asleep yet, I just left! Oh, I’m going to F you up, you better get the …is something on my leg? I think I feel something. I better get that shit off. I stop and lick my leg clean because that feeling is annoying as crap, you know. What was I doing? Huh, hey…there’s a nice warm beam. I think I’ll take a nap…

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