Interspecies Dating #IThinkI’mInLove

Okay, okay, let me preface this by saying I am not allowed downstairs. My human has some weird rule about it, but I sneaked down anyway.

I was sitting in front of the doors to the yard, minding my own business, #LickingMyselfCleanInPlacesYouDon’tWantToKnowAbout, when I saw the love of my life walk by. I mean, yeah, she was an amazon compared to me, but what a looker. I lost my breath when she walked right up to me. Okay, I FREAKED OUT! It kind of went down like this:

OMG, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. Where’s that kid’s inhaler? Shit, I’m regretting that fly I ate earlier. (Paw to mouth, do I have fly breath?)

Chill, chill… She’s getting closer, this is my big moment, cue the music, I’m going to make my big move…She walks up, turns toward me… and …and…walks away. WTF?! She didn’t even give me a look.

I smooth out my fur…so you’re playing hard to get…hmm, … Challenge accepted, baby. Challenge accepted.

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