My human is out of town this week and my little brother is already pulling some shit. He’s strutting around the house like he own’s it. Last time I checked, his name wasn’t no freaking Simba, so he needs to cut that King shit out!!

He walked into the room and saw me sitting on my box, minding my own freaking business and started messing with me. He took one quick step toward me and stopped and damn it if I didn’t flinch. Asshole. I swear he thinks he’s soooo tough. I can’t believe he got me, I was so ashamed I flinched, I just let him have my box and I walked away and hid under the chair.

Tomorrow’s another day though and I’m sharpening my claws on the back of the chair now. My human doesn’t like it when I do that, but I think she would understand if she knew why. Imitation Simba’s going down!!

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